Beavers: Meet on Thursdays 6:15 to 7:30

Beaver Scouts are young boys and girls usually aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest section in the scouting family.

Our colony is a friendly and active place for you child to join – we get up to all sorts of things, including day visits, sleepovers, arts and crafts, exploring the outdoors and much more! At Beavers we like to give a wide and varied program, during the winter terms we spend most of our time inside or doing visits to places of interest where the Beavers can stay dry and warm. When it comes to the summer terms (April onward) we like to do visits to places of interest outside the hut and walks around the local community.

We have a good mix of boys and girls. We work 3 badge systems, the first being their challenge badges which helps them gain the highest achievement in Beavers. This is the Chief Scout Bronze award. The second is the stage badges which follow them through the scouting movement. These include Nights spent away from home, Hikes and First Aid. The last of the badges are activity badges, these are anything from building a model to caring for pets, you can even gain a hobby badge for other activities outside of Beavers. We like to also take the Beavers away too, this would be done at our local scout camp site Braggers Wood. This is to give them a chance to start an experience a night away from home and for what is to come as they move up and onwards to Scouts. We also have fun days at Braggers Wood, this is where all of the district get together and try new experiences from Archery, Backwards Cooking, Zip Wire and many more activities. Even making Frog cakes and Spider biscuits.